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Guinea pig diets!

So today I am going to spend a bit of time discussing guinea pig diet!

So with guineas good quality hay should always be available at all times. You would honestly be so surprised at how much of this they eat! In my hotel 2 tiny little guineas were eating double the size of a big bunny! Hay will constitute the majority of their diet and is really important to keep their digestive system functioning. Grass based hay like timothy is usually a fan favourite.

A portion of guinea pig pellets is also super important daily as these contain vitamin C which is really important to them. Always ensure you use by the best before date and replace uneaten ones as the vitamin C can be lost over time with exposure.

Fresh grass and greens like kale or broccoli are another fantastic way to get vitamin C into their diet, but remember to never feed grass cuttings from the mower- this goes for rabbits too!

The PDSA has produced this handy graphic on safe foods for guineas and buns, please feel free to share. I always save a list of foods in the notes section on my phone so its super easy to refer to when I'm food shopping

Obviously this isn't a full list and it's always important to check what foods to avoid aswell as the list of safe foods as some foods can be poisonous or even deadly! For example you can never give them potatoes.

In terms of how much you should give your little ones most would recommend one cup full per guinea pig per day. Remember your guinea will mostly be eating hay anyway!'s the gorgeous Billy and Bobby enjoying some fresh kale and herbs

Any questions please just get in touch!

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