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All things green!

As alot of us know rabbits love the green stuff! But exactly what should you be feeding them and how can you tell what's a healthy herb and whats no better than a sugary snack?

Luckily there is a huge list of bunny safe foods and I highly recommend checking out the RWAF website and bookmarking the list of recommended vegetables and herbs page so its on your phones home screen- this has come in handy for me so many times on a supermarket dash and you know the information is correct!

In short fresh greens are a brilliant addition to the diet- just try not to feed more than a handful roughly the size of the bunnies head per day. Fresh herbs such as corriander or parsley are great options as they tend to be universally loved and don't give bunnies any gas and rarely upset the gut.

Rabbits will be just as happy with dendelion from the garden as they will be with broccoli from the supermarket so aim to vary what you give them and remember you don't always need to leave the garden to find a tasty snack! Do be careful however if you do go hunting for your own food- if you are picking anywhere apart from your own garden it is very difficult to know if the plant has been contaminated either by chemicals or by other animals who might have accessed the area. You also need to be savvy on poisonous plants- but again the RWAF is a great resource if you wanted to learn more about this. Make sure your buns vaccinations are up to date too if you are feeding from the wild- wild cottontails can carry the dangerous myxomatosis so do wash all the goodies you pick before you give them.

Fruit is very sugary and should only be given very rarely as a treat and it's the same with carrots too- despite what we see in the cartoons! Swap the orange part of the carrot for the leafy tops for a much more healthy option.

If you do have a herb loving bun, why not try to grow some of your own? Starting a herb garden is a great project and will hopefully be rewarding to see your hard work quickly wolfed down by your hungry rabbit!

Here at Hop on Holiday we know how sensitive bunny tummies are so we won't feed anything new to the diet during thier stay with us, but please let us know your current green routine and we will ensure your bun doesn't miss out on thier usual favourites!

..Joey was on to me as I tried to take a photo of the herbs for this blog!

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