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Further Bunderstanding!

Following on from my previous blog I wanted to cover off some not so normal rabbit behaviours so you can easily identify when something is not quite right.

As I mentioned before rabbits are prey animals, and this also makes them experts at hiding any pain or problems as in the wild this would show them as potentially weak and vulnerable. Spotting a sign that something is wrong is alot easier when you know what's normal so I would encourage you to spend alot of time with your pet learning thier natural behaviours. It can also help to take a weekly photo of them, doing this can help you spot other problems too you might not notice seeing them daily. This shouldn't be a problem if you're anything like me and your phone camera roll is 5000 pictures of your rabbits!

When a rabbit is in pain the stance can often be the first clue and again the Rabbit House on Facebook has an excellent graphic showing what to look out for in terms of postures.

It's horrible to think about but its super important to understand what's normal so you can easily spot when it's not.

It's important also to choose a great rabbit savvy vet which will give you peace of mind if you do ever need to take them.

When choosing a vet do check around, it will be worth your while and the RWAF website has a list of recommendations too.

Here are some great points to consider when picking:

  • What rabbit specific training have they had?

  • Do they have a seperate ward and waiting area for prey species?

  • Do they provide your own out of hours care and if so, are they rabbit savvy?

  • What vaccinations do they recommend?

  • Are they happy to seek advice from or refer to a rabbit specialist as needed and if so, who do they usually use?

  • A vet does NOT have to be a certified specialist to be a rabbit expert!

I hope this has given you a bit more insight into what to look out for with your own bunnies!

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